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In 2011 i try to submit one photo per day.

Cause I'll find back to my photo-addiction, my old inspiration and my detaillove. So what could help better than taking photos every day?

We'll see :)

!Happy new year guys!


while i'm uploading and also taking photos every day, i'm not sure about the result of this project. when i notice after a view weeks, month or the whole year, that I realy lost my Inspiration for good photos, details and everything - not just because i had no time, just because i lost it ... i will bury my beloved canon and take neva again any photos.

Update II:

a view days ago i speak with a teammate about this project. "i viewed some of them - they're not special", he said.
in this moment i realised that i realy lost my creativity. i dont create sceneries, work with people, plan before shoot -  i just took photos of what i see. without planning, without a aim/a vision in my head.  

but i like this project, its a good reason to touch the camera every day ... and maybe, i snap this teammate and make him to a model, create sceneries and visions with him ... cause he grin and laughed  "i've some ideas ... with women and colours on their bodys."

Update III:

i'm realy sick of this project. i'm just tired, my head is empty, i've no ideas for photos and i don't fancy the idea. so - honestly - i took a bunch of photos on one day and submit them for more days. the teammate from last update said: "so the project is failed" ... and since he said, it feels like. but i wanne finish it completely. dont know ... fucking project :/

#excuse my horrible english#
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Hey guys,

to be honest, I lost my inspiration.
I wish I had a lot more time to go out and take photos - enjoy the time with my cam, the world and all the details I love. But my job requires too much of my time - you all know this game. Hopefully some inspiration and time comes back to me ...

take care